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Personalized DIY Fencing Supplies in Medicine Hat

DIY fencing projects in Medicine Hat have become increasingly popular. We offer comprehensive fencing packages for vinyl, chain-link, and ornamental iron fencing for your residential or commercial property.


At Diamond Link Fencing Inc., we are here to customize your project from start to finish, including measurements if required. All of our quality parts are in stock, and our experts are available to answer any installation questions and offer experienced advice. Our goal is to provide you with the DIY fencing supplies that you need to get the job done right.


Why Choose Us as Your DIY Fencing Source?

Diamond Link Fencing Inc. is here to answer your DIY fencing needs in Alberta. Here’s why you should choose us as your DIY fencing source. 


   Free onsite consultation provided 
   Pickup or delivery of supplies
   Vinyl, chain-link and ornamental iron fencing packages available

 Custom Fabricated gates customized for various requirements

   Complete kits/packages provided to the DIYs

Get Your DIY Fencing Project Started

Start by choosing the type of fencing you require for your home or property. Once you’ve selected your fencing style, type, colour, and height, the experts at Diamond Link Fencing Inc. will be ready to source it for you. Once on-site consultation and design are determined, we can supply an all-in-one package to you that includes everything you’ll require for your fencing project or to install your fabricated gates.

Dog Run Fencing Solutions

Adding a dog run to your residence will offer a safe, dedicated space in your yard for your furry friend.

Comprehensive DIY Projects

Order DIY fence packages to be delivered or picked up!

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