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Functional, Portable and Safe Temporary Fence Panels in Medicine Hat

Temporary fence panels are portable fences that ensure the safety of your location for a short period. Trust Diamond Link Fencing Inc. for sourcing, installing, and removing temporary fence panels in Medicine Hat & Southern Alberta. Whether it’s for a construction project, seasonal enclosure, emergency, or special events, temporary fencing is a great solution. You can choose to purchase or rent temporary fencing. Contact us today to arrange pickup, or delivery and installation.

Why Choose Temporary Fencing Solutions?

Theft and vandalism prevention: Especially useful for construction or event sites, where materials may be left overnight

Pedestrian control: Allows for safe passage of authorized personnel and for directing foot traffic

Safety compliance: For many construction, restoration and recovery sites, protective fencing is a legal requirement

Site and events safety: Acts as solid perimeter fencing define the area of your site or event

Rent or Purchase Temporary Fencing

We offer 6x10 panels in stock available for pickup or delivery with installation.

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