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Commercial and Residential Fence Gates in Medicine Hat

Diamond Link Fencing Inc. offers a variety of gates for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We understand the importance of the functionality and security of your property. The gates are manufactured in-house at our local shop to suit each unique project by our Diamond Link Fencing Inc. welding fabricators.

Automatic swing gate

Swing Gates


Swing gates can be fabricated out of chain-link, ornamental iron or vinyl. Single swing gates can be designed as residential walk gates or commercial man gates with different styles of hardware. Double swing gates can accommodate residential RV access, larger clearance access or can appeal to commercial and industrial compounds.

Cantilever gate at the industrial field

Cantilever Gates


Cantilever gates are designed to roll along the fence line at a commercial site to increase clearance, visibility and offer convenient year-round access. Cantilever gates are commonly paired with an access control system that allows automatic, secured entry options. Click here to learn more about gate access controls.

Panic hardware gate installation for speedy emergency exits

Panic Hardware Gates


Panic hardware gates are added to man gates to be installed as a secured emergency exit. This keyless hardware is a basic safety requirement that allows a company to secure their compound from the outside while ensuring a quick exit.

Automatic gate with reliable operator for commercial premises


Gate Access Controls offer a convenient and secure entry to your location by providing automatic gate entry access through a keypad, key fob or swipe card system. Click here to learn more about gate access controls.

Custom Fabricated Gates

Have one of our experienced estimators assess your gate requirements.

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